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By way of some background if you are new to the area, TKO launched on March 1st 2004 and immediately achieved a remarkable level of popularity with the growing number of English speaking residents on the Costa Blanca. Over the past 10 years, TKO has consistently remained at the top of listener’s choices, even allowing for a number of other radio stations in the area. As the demographic has changed, so the TKO style has adapted accordingly to reflect this change. I would now accurately describe the music output of TKO as Classic Hits from the last 60 years combined with the best of the UK Top 40 that you would expect to hear on the popular BBC Radio 2. It’s the genre, style of music and presentation that appeals to the overwhelming majority of the people that make listening to radio a significant part of their day both in the home and in the car. TKO has become an integral part of expatriate life on the Costa Blanca for listeners recently moved to Spain, together with those who have been living in the area for a while. They tune in not only to hear music they know and love but to gain information and advice too. TKO is a lifeline and a friend to many, which is why we actively encourage interaction throughout the day with the popular competitions and fun features. Just listening to those shows for a short time you’ll quickly realise that many, many people are taking part…and that means they are listening! They’re potentially listening to your radio advert too! TKO is also used as a local station for many in other parts of the world that have family or friends in Spain, so TKO really is a local radio with a truly international reach and appeal.

TKO is very proud of the radio service they offer to both the local community and beyond via the internet. The staff are ALL local people who know the area, know their listeners and more importantly, are professional in their work both in front of the microphone and behind the scenes. Many of the TKO line-up has been with the station for a number of years and just look at the experience and broadcasting background of many of them. I’m delighted to be working with professionals that have genuinely worked for the BBC, IRN and Global Radio at the highest level alongside time served people that have learned their craft in local ex-pat radio and become some of the most popular in the area.

I’m not going to criticise, knock or put down the many other local radio stations that serve the Costa Blanca, but what I am doing is showing what makes us different and more attractive. I believe that TKO has the correct balance between music, chat, information and advertising.

TKO has the policy of approximately 6 minutes of advertising per hour broken down into a maximum of two, 3 minute segments. Too much radio advertising and promotion have proved to be a negative for listeners and business alike. It becomes overkill and literally a turn-off. And as for music policy, TKO don’t target or ignore a specific age group nor try to be the proverbial “all things to all men”!

From the commercial point of view, TKO attracts people with a high disposable income willing to purchase quality products and services. Recent official figures show a significant majority are retired and over 50 years old with settled incomes and pensions. TKO therefore put their listeners within touch of your products and services ensuring there is no wastage from broadcasting out of your catchment area! TKO’s listeners really are your future customers and we know that the overwhelming majority of our listeners fit that above demographic. TKO also has a wide range of advertising packages that fit every possible budget.

From The TKO Radio Team