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Advertise on TKO Radio

Why advertise on Radio?

Radio advertising can be a cost-effective way to reach a large audience.

Unlike television, it is not reliant on visual elements and can be consumed while driving or doing other activities. Unlike newspaper & print adverts, radio is everywhere. It can be in your kitchen, your car, even your shower.

Additionally, radio advertisements can be scheduled during peak listening times, increasing the chances of being heard by the intended audience. It also allows for creative ad design that can build a memorable brand, and it can be measured through ratings and listener surveys.

Overall, radio advertising can be an effective way to reach a large audience and increase brand awareness for a business.

Why choose TKO Radio

We know you have a choice when it comes to advertising on radio to grow your business. Here are a few reasons why you should choose TKO Radio for your next advertising campaing.

Ten Reasons Why TKO Radio Should Be Your First Choice for Advertising

More Music

At TKO Radio we play more music every hour than any of our comparable competitor radio stations, giving the listener exactly what they want. Music from across the decades, taking you back, and bringing you right up to date with the latest releases and hits.

Less Chatter

Nobody likes boring, unnecessary chatter, that’s why, at TKO Radio, if we´ve got something to say, we will say it, without wasting your time with boring, pointless noise. We deliver the news, information and talk between songs without filling the time for no reason other than to speak.

Charismatic Presenters

TKO Radio presenters are handpicked to be able to deliver the quality content we expect. Not just anybody will make the grade, only the best will be on TKO Radio. Our presenters are all charismatic and the best in the business.

Better Quality Radio Adverts

As part of our production process, we create quality adverts using the highest quality sound and voiceover artists, all legally licensed for broadcast on TKO Radio. Because we use experts in every stage of the production, the end result is not only of the highest quality. In other words, your brand will be represented with the highest quality production, and will work.

Unique Advert Separation Guidelines

At TKO Radio we value advert separation. What that means is we aim to never play competitor adverts too close to each other, so the impact of your advert, even within your own business sector, will be greater. 

Higher Impacting Adverts

Because of our quality orientated approach to your advert, from conception, through production, to broadcast, your advert will have the highest possible reach, normally a limiting factor for any advert on any platform, and will subsequently have the highest impact possible. That means you will reach more potential clients through TKO Radio.   

Higher Quality Listeners

At TKO Radio, we care about our listeners. So much so, we constantly ask them what they want, how we can improve, and what we can do better. We do this through regular surveys, not only of TKO listeners, but also by asking listeners to other radio stations how we can improve. That’s not all though, not only do we listen to what the listener is saying, we adapt accordingly, improving all the time, and therefore persistently gaining more listeners.

Quantifiably Higher Listeners than Competitors

We regularly monitor online listener statistics on both TKO Radio, and of our comparative competitors. This publicly available information means that we can both see, and prove, that our listener statistics are persistently higher than our competitors, and by a significant margin. Based on those figures, your advert on TKO Radio will reach more people, and therefore, will have a higher impact than on any other comparative station.   

Consistent Quality of Output

Without getting too technical, our broadcast quality is always and consistently at the highest quality it can be, at the highest “bit rate” we can broadcast. Not only does the music sound clearer, so does the talk, and, for you, the adverts. This enables us to broadcast across platforms, from FM radio and traditional online streams, to mobile phones and smart devices such as Alexa, all at the highest quality, thus improving the whole listener experience. 

Our Key Attention is Radio First

TKO Radio is primarily a broadcast radio station. That, therefore, is our focus. Of course we have a social media presence, but that all takes second place to ensuring we deliver the product we intend to, that of a music-first radio station giving attention to local news and information, from across the Costa Blanca in Spain, to the UK and Europe, delivering English-language radio to our target communities, which are your target clients.   

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