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Mystery Voice

We have a Winner!

Amanda from Algorfa correctly identified the Mystery Voice as

Ian McShane

Known for playing many acting roles, including Lovejoy

The Mystery Voice on TKO Radio is sponsored by

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Mystery Voice Entry Form

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    Previous On-Air Incorrect Answers

    A list of all the previous incorrect answers given on-air on the Rob Charles in the Afternoon show on TKO Radio Monday to Friday from 2pm
    13 JuneRoseGuardamarCourtney Cox
    12 JuneKarenHeredadesGlenn Close
    11 JunGemmaAlgorfaRuby Wax
    10 JunChrisSan LuisJenifer Aniston
    7 JunJimSan LuisGoldie Hawn

    Mystery Voice Terms & Conditions

    • Entries for the mystery voice competition can only be made at the website
    • The prize fund will start at 50€ & increase by 5€ every weekday.
    • Incorrect guesses will appear on the website.
    • The prize is capped at 500€. If the prize reaches this level it will not increment any further.
    • At the 500€ level TKO will start giving clues to the mystery voice, but no further value will be added to the prize fund.
    • By participating in this competition, you consent to having your phone call recorded and broadcasted on air.
    • TKO Radio & TKO Media Group employees, freelancers and family members are ineligible to take part.
    • Winners will claim their prize either from TKO radio studios in Torrevieja (will need to bring ID to prove their identity) or can choose gift cards equivalent to the amount of the prize for or
    • Entry is available to people aged 18 and over only.
    • This competition can be closed at any time.

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